Preparatory department

Foreign Students Department was created with the purpose of the language and special preparation of the foreigners for further studying in Ukraine.

Foreigners   who do not speak the language of study (Ukrainian, Russian or English) are admitted to the Preparatory.

Department where training is carried out on the following directions:

  • engineering-technical
  • economical
  • biological

During 1 year foreigners study the Ukrainian and Russian, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biology and other educational disciplines depending upon the chosen direction.

Study process involves practical studies, individual work of students, lectures and weekly tutorial. Training is conducted at high   professional level.  Students are provided with textbooks, scientific literature, learner`s guides and materials.

After successful completion of the exams, student of the preparatory department receives certificate of graduation from the   preparatory department.

The certificate of the state sample obtained by foreigner, allows  graduates to continue their education at any university in Ukraine and also applicants are admitted to SNAU in all specialities without entrance examinations.

The duration of training at the Preparatory Department – 1 year

The fee for study at the Preparatory Department is 1050 $

The following documents required for admission for the preparatory department:

1) application form;

2) the original and copy of the document of previous education;

3) the original and copy of the document (annexes to the document of education), which contains information about its successfulness in various academic disciplines;

4) the original and copy of birth certificate;

5) medical certificate of health, certified by an official authority of the country’s health, from which a foreigner arrived, and issued no later than two months before departure to study in Ukraine;

6) a copy of the passport document of a foreigner or the identity document of stateless person;

7) a valid health insurance (except for foreigners coming from the countries with which signed agreements on free provision of urgent medical assistance);

8) 12 photos sized  60×40 mm

Documents under the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 have to be certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue and legalized in the established order.

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